Keeping the Sabbath Holy

God gave Moses the seven true feasts and holidays for us to observe and it was commanded three times to observe and keep the Sabbath Holy. Scriptures clearly teach the observance and sanctification of the Sabbath which starts sundown on Friday and ends on sundown Saturday. Man doesn’t have the authority to change the commandments given by our Creator to Moses.

The Roman institution decided on their own that they had the authority to change the Commandments and a lot of scripture to fit their own agenda but who are you going to believe? The Bible or an un-biblical book concocted by men? These are the commandments that God personally wrote, two times, in stone, and gave to Moses.

The original set of the Ten Commandments remain unchanged in the heavenly sanctuary which John saw in Revelation. If you read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and you will not find a single line authorizing the sanctification of Sunday. Some people misinterpret “The Lord’s Day” to mean Sunday or maybe any day could be the Sabbath but God makes if very clear three times. What more proof do we need?

Many places in the Bible show us that Christ and the Apostles went to the Temple to teach and observe the Sabbath. We are told to keep the Sabbath holy which starts Friday at sundown and ends on Saturday at sundown.